inside1Pets Premier Mobile Veterinary Clinic is north Georgia’s full-service animal hospital on wheels. We travel throughout Cherokee county and parts of Cobb county to diagnose and treat dogs and cats in our modern, mobile hospital surgical unit. Our emphasis is on preventive care whenever possible to ensure a happy, healthy and long life for your pet.Our pet care services are offered conveniently at your home, reducing stress for you and your pet. At-home pet care appointments are available Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, and may be available some nights and weekends for an additional fee.

  • Physical Exams for Puppies and Kittens Puppy and Kitten visits are especially fun, and very important in getting your new pet off to a good start. Our veterinarian performs complete physical examinations, focusing on any internal or external parasite problems, congenital or developmental abnormalities and will give you the latest information about diet, training, and preventative care for your newest family member.
  • Exams and Screenings for Adult Dogs and Cats Adult pets should receive annual physical exams and screenings, because the best medicine is preventative medicine. Plus vaccinations, de-worming, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick control need to be kept on schedule to maintain optimal health.
  • Wellness Exams for Seniors In the early stages, some senior pet problems may not be obvious. The gradual onset of health concerns in an apparently healthy pet often goes unnoticed. Diagnostic tests including a complete blood panel, complete blood count, thyroid levels, and urinalysis help evaluate your senior pet’s health. If you note weight loss (especially sudden), increased drinking and/or urination, changes in eating habits, excessive vocalization, difficulty jumping and/or stiffness/soreness, difficulty sleeping at night, or any odd behavior change, please schedule an exam for us to evaluate your senior pet. NOTE: Cats hide symptoms of illness and pain much more so than dogs. So keep a close watch for changes in your aging cat.
  • Diagnostic Laboratory We offer on-site mobile labs to diagnose disease and/or parasites. Our mobile laboratory services include blood work, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite screening, urinalysis, cytology, biopsies, and more.
  • Vaccinations During your pet’s at home examination, our veterinarian will discuss vaccinations which are appropriate for your pet based on their age, lifestyle and exposure risk. Puppies should receive a series of vaccinations to protect against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis (DHPP) starting at six to eight weeks of age. Your dog must also be vaccinated against rabies. We offer a 1-year or a 3-year rabies vaccine.  A Bordetella vaccine protects your dog against a highly contagious upper respiratory infection. We also carry a Lepto-free, 1-year or 3-year DHPP vaccine. Additional canine vaccines against Lyme disease, Leptosporosis and influenza are available.  For inside cats, recommended vaccinations include FVRCP (protects against rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydia and panleukopenia) and rabies.  If your cat goes outdoors additional vaccination for Feline Leukemia virus is recommended.
  • Spay and Neutering To significantly reduce your pet’s risk of breast cancer and life-threatening uterine infections (pyometra), we recommend spaying your female pet at 6 months old. For male pets, to reduce unwanted behaviors such as urine marking/spraying and animal aggression, we recommend neutering at 6 months old. Mobile spay and neutering services at your home make your pet feel more at ease and more comfortable.
  • Microchipping Every day a beloved family pet is lost. Tragically, most never make it back home because their owners didn’t identify them. The MicroChip is the professional way to identify your pet and is proven safe and effective. A small chip, the size of a rice grain, is injected under the skin of your pet. The procedure is very safe, very similar to getting a vaccination. Contact us for mobile MicroChip services.
  • Veterinary Dentistry Pets with routine dental care typically live longer and healthier lives. Our mobile care unit allows our veterinarians to perform routine dental procedures including teeth cleaning and polishing. All pets receive a complete dental scaling with hand-scaling below the gum line, and tooth polishing. Our dental services also include tooth extractions and minor oral surgery in our mobile veterinary and dental clinic.
  • Surgical Care With Pets Premier’s advanced anesthetic monitoring capabilities and surgical equipment, we offer safety and comfort for your pet in need of surgery. Some of our surgical procedures include spay and neuter, mass removal, dental extractions, laceration repair, umbilical hernia repair and more.
  • Pharmacy Our mobile and online pharmacy are added conveniences of our mobile veterinary clinic. Delivery of prescription medications, vitamin and mineral supplements, shampoos, flea and tick control, prescription diets and heartworm medication are just another benefit of a Pets Premier home visit.



Pets Premier Mobile Veterinary Clinic serves patients in Canton, Woodstock, Towne Lake, Hickory Flat, Holly Springs, East Marietta, Acworth, Kennesaw, and Roswell. Established clients may even arrange for us to treat pets in our mobile clinic while you are away from home.